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This project was born to complement the usage of Steghide, a command line Steganography program for Linux and Windows, by adding some features that could prove useful. The idea is that a Graphical User Interface might let users control Steghide in a more user-friendly way and also both display the images (in Windows BMP and JPG formats) and play the audio files (in Windows WAVE and Sun/NeXT AU) that it is able to hide data into. Using the GUI it would thus be possible to perform all the common command line operations, and also verify that the embed operations in images and audio files do not create variations that might give away the use of Steganography, which would render the whole effort useless. In the same way it would be possible to view or play hidden files that are extracted from a stego file, all from a single tool: this is exactly why SteGUI was created.

The rest of this website offers an introduction that explains some concepts behind Steganography in general, then shows how Steghide and SteGUI work. SteGUI was written in C++ with the help of the FLTK and PStreams libraries. Downloadable source code packages are available for download; binary packages will be available sometime in the future. SteGUI was written by Nicola Cocchiaro; Steghide was written by Stefan Hetzl. Both SteGUI and Steghide are released under the GNU General Public License.

Any help in the form of patches, documentation or comments is welcome, or you can donate through SourceForge to show your appreciation for the work done to this project and encourage further development :)

Feel free to write, if you have any questions or comments, to:

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